Why you need a massager?

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Why you need a massager?


Most of people buying massager products on B2C website,such as Amazon,Walmart…But if we ask them why you need a massager?The general answer is:oh,I’m feeling pains,muscle pains,shoulder pains etc.Per my understood,these are not sort of real intention for your purchasing,you buying this kindly product just one reason:health.

How important is health,there is nothing to say.I just talk about how massager works and how to use the massager products correctly.

Part 1,

As you know,there is different kindly of massager on the market,but their working methods are nothing more than these:

  1. physical(vibrating,rolling,kneading or mixed),
  2. electronic(electromagnetism, infrared,heating or mixed).

I am not interested in discussing which one is better beacause it has to effects for your body.

As a Chinese,I used physical more often than others because it fits Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, the physical way to relieve blood circulation and achieve therapeutic effect,I think most of Americans can not believe that,but did you know the chuan bei pi pa gao?Yes,it based on Chinese Medicine Theory too.

Part 2,

Drugs are not always perfect solving health problem,that’s why we used massager.But it still not enough, The right diet, good sleep, and proper exercise are the secrets of health.

However, if we insist on using massage products, we can also have a positive effect on health.

What means “insist on”?One week?One month or year?

No,the correct answer is everyday,you can used them 5-10 min at least,it is too short,ha.But the key point is everyday. If you continue  to use it every day, you will surely feel the effect it brings.

Part 3,

Most of people used the massager incorrectly,espically the body massager.They just put them on the pain area,and hope it can works good.

As my opinions,you should use them as 3 different ways:

1.Press.If you feeling pains,you need press your massager’s head harder to touch your pain point to 10-20s at least,and loosen;then repeate this process couple times for best results;

2.GuaSha.This is not means really GuaSha,but it imitate the process.For example,use the massager head touched you pain area,and little harder to touch your skin,then up and down on your body to scrape the area for best results.

3.For sensitive skin area(such as neck),you need slow down and try the best strength to avoid hurts.


In this posts I shared the principles of how some massagers works and how to use massagers correctly. If you feel that you learned something, it is my greatest honor.


Does it helpful?


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Why you need a massager?
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Why you need a massager?
Talk about how massager works and how to use the massager products correctly.
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