What is the liquid silicone?

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What is the liquid silicone?


When i check some products on Amazon US,i see some interesting comments just like liquid silicone,i’d like to talk about this.

The “liquid silicone” means the raw materials it just like transparent liquid,the feature is too much,such as resistant  high and low temperature(not easy to deformation of appearance),BPA free,Drop resistance,soft and portable etc.But it can not be easily identifying on end products.


Part 1,

In the first,this concept is matched with solid silicone,the different between the two is used different products.The former is mainly used baby and medical product,just like nipple,milk bottle etc,and the latter one is mainly used consumer electronics or household items,such as body massager,seal ring for rice cooker,pipeline etc.


In the second,all the two materials is Eco-Friendly too,but the liquid silicone is better than solid silicone because the former is food grade(approved by FDA),it has no additives in production process.Moreover,we called “liquid silicone”because the raw materials is fluidity,and the finished product will be high transmittance.


At last,the liquid silicone has too much excellent property match with solid silicone,such as tearing strength,resilience ,heat-proof aging etc.But the latter one should have more stable than the former(not distortion).


Part 2,


As a consumer,we only need to know how to easily distinguish between the two materials in general:


Liquid silicone:highly transparency,no smells.Injection gate on the surface.(but the manufacturer do them inside now,it hard to see in surface)

Solid silicone:lower transparency,smell with vulcanizer,no injection gate on the surface.




Two more question maybe you have interested:

1.Why most massager products not applied liquid silicone?It should be more expensive or something?

No,the mainly because the liquid one is too soft to make the shape stable.I think you can not accept if your massager can not be hold,right?^_^

2.What kindly silicone applied by yours?

Actually,most of massager made of solid silicone,but you do need worry about this because the manufacturer can deal with smell&toxin issue,however,most of silicone of massager has been applied to medical area.But i need honest said that some of products has not yet meet the requirement,so we do not recommend buy this kind of products.


Does it help?


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What is the liquid silicone?
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What is the liquid silicone?
The "liquid silicone" means the raw materials it just like transparent liquid,the feature is too much,such as resistant  high and low temperature...
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