My first vibrator was purchased from an online store. It was pink and there is no current dual -motor design. Unfortunately, it was stop working after about six months. Nowadays, buying a vibrator is so easy,you can choose a brand online store or buy it from Amazon. But most of people have the same experience with me, the vibrator dying so quickly.

 This article will offers you advise about how to choose a good vibrator for yourself from adult store.


  •   We prefer to use “age” as the basis for recommending products for you. This is more of a reference value and operability.

heart18 – 25 years old women

The physiological structure is not fully developed of the stage,and it has no necessary sexual experience. So we tend to recommend products that are smaller in size and common shape, rather than products that are large in size and novelty shape, or you can buying a bullet egg vibrator instead.Moreover,soft and realistic texture on the vibrator or dildo will be easier to reach orgasm.

heart26 – 35 years old women

Women of this age group are relatively mature with respect to their physiological structure, and they have more sexual experiences. They tend to be physiologically in need of an ascending period. They can use medium or large vibrators and trying new style product.

heartAbove 35 years old women

Women of this age group have a ton of sexual experience, and sexual needs are more frequent accordingly,If you are veteran in your sex life, feeling free to buy large size for yourself. if you are buying g spot vibrator in first time, medium size dildo is best for you. You can upgrade equipments and choose to your size according later on.

*Other feature you need considering about

Not all of the cheaper products are poor quality, but keep in mind that for a penny, it does makes sense in general.And the materials is most important for your health,FDA approved is best.You can read my extend article “What is the liquid silicone

  • Wireless remote control  vs  phone / computer control.

As a paranoid, I believe the wireless remote control toys can provided the best user experience, and some of the so – called Bluetooth controls, computer controls, and cell phone controls are based on new technologies that are not as stable as the former.

Like Bluetooth, it has distance limitations obviously, and the 2.4G band signal is very susceptible to interference.

Most computers and cell phone controls are based on WIFI networks.Can you ensure that the network is always online?Ok, even if you can, can you guarantee that the network’s latency is always low or it will not Interfered by other equipment or appliances? We can easily imagine your toys is out of control for the network suddenly drops, which will greatly affects the user experience. Perhaps some manufacturers have advanced technology to solve this problem, but I still believe that wireless remote control is most stable technology now.

  • Waterproof. Needless to say, this can provide the better experience. Especially when you use them in a bathroom or swimming pool.
  • USB Rechargeable.Forgot about AA batteries, lithium battery is most popular in adult sex toys, It is safe enough and easy to use, not to mention it is friendly for your travel.
  • Triple motor design. It is not the mainstream now, but three motors will enhance the vibrations.It is beneficial to the user experience when they are properly designed.


That’s all of them,we hope every consumer will be able to buy a perfect vibrator eventually and have excellent user experience. If you think this article is good or you have other questions, please leave a message below and we will reply as soon as possible.


How to choose a vibrator?

This article will offers you advise about how to choose a good vibrator for yourself from adult store.


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