Talk About Birth Of “YomeGarden” Brand

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Talk About Birth Of “YomeGarden” Brand


Not everybody can fully understand why we create this brand.Actually,this words “YomeGarden”should be strange,or too simple.This words came from two phrase from English,the former words “Yome” means you and me,for i like this phrase for i like talked with people and learned from them.The latter words “Garden”,this means beautiful thing in China,and i hope our products just like this and bring to our customers.And the oval opened left and right sides means our works not perfect,we need learned from market and customer too.

I believe we do not need flaring words in our mark,and this is not most important.This key point is our product and services,i think most of  companies are paying more and more attention to this issue.Just like Amazon,they called “customer experience”,this is great.


No.1 Brand just trademark?

When i first talked about the “brand” was 10 years ago,the brand means a trademark in my mind until i learned about too much great men such as Bill Gates,Steve Jobs.When i read story for them,i just realized the brand can be changed the life of most people,so i working for my dream in that time.

No.2 Why we focus on massage tools?

You can easily come to a conclusion from my photos:Jack is a lovely fat guy(i’m not sure if you feeling this guy is lovely or cutely,i supposed).Congratulations,you are right.So i just like other parter who i endured painful distress.Oh,too much pains,neck,shoulder,leg etc…Because of this, I often use massage equipment, and very lucky, my country has numerous massage tools to try, from the ordinary wand massage to the electronic meridian massage instrument. However, I still believe that physical massage instruments (electronic wand massage) works for me.

No.3 Sail my dream,now?

When i meet my friend in last year for dinner,we talked about my physical condition,he gave me a new designed massage tools,and i feeling very good after used.So I immediately made a decision, I want to take this product to more people as same experience as me, i hope to relief their pains and make them happiness.

But only one product is obviously not enough, so I contacted couple friends, and we create a new company for more products, we will work together for our dreams!


No.4 Why us?What is your core competencies?

Actually,nowadays, the “good product ” not only depending on the product’s price, quality, function. However, we have no plans to provide the lowest price products to our consumer, but we need to provide better products than other seller’s, plus friendly after-sales service. We are always convinced that good products are always winning trust by customers, not just lowest priced only.

As to the best salesman,nothing better than product itself,i believed,and only time will tell.


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Talk About Birth Of "YomeGarden" Brand
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Talk About Birth Of "YomeGarden" Brand
Not everybody can fully understand why we create this brand.Actually,this words "YomeGarden"should be strange,or too simple.
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