How to use a vibrator?

How to choose a vibrator?
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How to use a vibrator?

Most vibrator has an instruction to tell you how to use a vibrator toys correctly and show more tips for higher experience for beginner in used. Unfortunately,not everyone has a habit of reading instructions carefully.

This article will offers you advise about how to use a vibrators toys for masturbation and discover more details during sex with you and your partner.


1.Buy a vibrator online

First of all, you have to buy a best product that is right for you,the product is not only for the better price,but also the quality still good.Why do you buy online sex store? Because products are now very discreet, generally no one will know what you bought. You can refer to my previous article named“How to choose a vibrator”.


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2.Know your vibrator and yourself

Before you start using your vibrator during sex,you should know the basic operation of your toys and your hot spot,then you will know exactly how to use a vibrator for maximum pleasure.

You can easily search your user guide for the basic operation,such as “how to turn on / turn off”,”how to switch the frequence” etc.However,search your spot by hand or whatever, this will allow you to gradually get excited.

3.Get ready to use

  •     Charging your vibrator first until the led light off,or you need one pairs of AA batteries installed,and make sure works well.
  •     Clean your handheld massager before used.Do not used alcohol or similar to wash them,it will corrosion your toys right way.See my article 5 step for clean your silicone sex toys.
  •     Foreplay with your partner or self massage your full body after shower,oh,play with passionate or light music(Different people need to do different things to get starting themselves. Some       need porns, some need to read some erotica or a romance novel), then your engine will be start.
  •     Stimulation with your sensitive area such as neck,nipple, vulva or vagina in beginning,do not plug in now.Start by gentle mode for your clitoris or g spot repeatedly.

4.Reaching orgasm by your vibrator

  •     You need find somewhere discreet and quiet without disturbed,make sure you has relaxed and comfortable style on bed.When you find you aroused,it’s time to switch the speed from gentle to stronger,and pay more attention your feelings.
  •     You can use condoms and lubricants when using vibrators. Condoms eliminates the hassle of cleaning, while lubricants make you more comfortable when you use them. When you start to insert, you must start gently and slowly, and your vagina has been fully lubricated,then you can speed up.
  •     You need sometimes to find that different spot of your body respond differently to it,and remember them,then you can easily to find your right spot in next time.Moreover,you will feeling too powerful in some area and feeling not discomfortable,and some certain area need more powerful speeds for easier climax.
  •    Add a vibrator to your and your partner’s sex time.Used a vibrator toy for yourself is a good choice,but do not forget that you can also use it with your husband during sex or foreplay.Not only improved your quality of your sex life,also promote relationship with your partner.However,do not surprised your partner can easier find your right spot and make your climaxing in one shot.


ATTENTION: You must remove the battery before cleaning to prevent accidental damage to the toy by water, and remove the battery in time to prevent the battery from leaking and corroding your vibrators too.

You can use a special cleaning spray or a neutral cleanser for your toy. After cleaning, dry it by naturally(it need 30 -60 min in general). Do not work with a hair dryer. Finally, keep it in a safe place for your next use.


We’d like to share more tip on the end because i think you has learned how to use your vibrator for best result.

  • The vibrators can not be shared by others, it is easy to infect bacteria.
  • Do not over use it. Excessive use of the wand vibrant will reduce the sensitivity of the organ and it will lead to no pleasure in your sex life. If you can only get climax from a vibrator,It’s not pleasure for you or your husband.
  • We recommend using water-based lubricants, especially when you plug in the vagina or anal. This will be safer and easier to access.
  • The condom must be matched with the size of a vibrator, which is usually slightly larger. However, the condom can be placed to the base of the vibrator so that it can be held by hand during used to prevent it from slipping.


That’s all of them,we hope every consumer will be able to buy a perfect vibrator eventually and have excellent sex time. If you think this article is good,just click the buttons and share to more people knows.

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How to use a vibrator?
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How to use a vibrator?
This article will offers you advise about how to use a vibrators toys for masturbation and discover more details during sex with you and your partner.
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