How to Treat a Cold by Massager

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How to Treat a Cold by Massager

massager for cold

Hey,we are coming back!

Most of us think about taking medicine when we have a cold or other minor illness. However, we all know that taking medicine will down our own immunity. So is there a way to treat a cold without harming immunity? Of course, there are many methods of treating colds in Chinese medicine very early, such as brewing Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion, etc. The massage treatment we introduced in this article is actually based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, which is definitely works tested by us.

Tips,This post is NOT medical guideline, we only introducted other methods for treating colds based on traditional Chinese medicine theories. If your are discomfortable for this or not works for you, please check with doctor immediately.

  1. Theoretical Support

First of all, we want to quote some data from the ‘China Medicine’ website to support our point .They mainly studied the data samples of moxibustion to cure colds, and they showed them from two different perspectives: prevention and treatment. To prevent this, through the implementation of moxibustion therapy, a cold twice to five times a year is effective, and more than five times is invalid. A total of 63 cases were sampled, 53 cases were effective, 10 cases were ineffective, and the prevention efficiency reached 95.2%. In the treatment stage, a total of 480 patients were treated with moxibustion, 477 were effective and 3 were ineffective, with an effective rate of 99.4%. So from the above argument, we can see that the traditional Chinese medicine method is good works for colds.

2. How to Treat a cold by Massager

In the early stages of colds, we can treat colds by massaging two acupoints called “Dayuji” and “Yingxiang”.

For the “Dayuji” acupoints, we only need to face the Dayuji with their hands facing each other, rubbing their hands alternately up and down, the two Dayuji are facing in opposite directions, and rubbing for about 2-3 minutes until the muscles of the aquariums feel hot. Daily rubbing the big fish can not only promote blood circulation, strengthen metabolism, enhance physical fitness, but also prevent and cure colds.

For “Yingxiang” acupoints, sit down with your index finger on both hands and sit around the acupuncture points 30 times each clockwise and counterclockwise, and do it twice a day to feel hot and sore.

Yingxiang Acupoint is the point for human body to feel wind and cure wind. Frequent massage can dispel wind and cold, relieve nasal pain, relieve toothache, and enhance the ability to resist germs.

If you are trouble with this, you can use a massager instead of your hands or fingers and follow the above method.We have one mini massager works for this.

But if the cold is already serious, then the above method may not working well. At this time, more points need to be massaged to treat the cold.

Traditional Chinese medicine recommends the following points, Taiyang, Fengchi, Yintang, Dazhui, Feiyu, Geyu.


Place it on the patient’s temple with your fingertips, and press and knead about 30 times.


Place your thumb in the Fengchi acupoint behind the patient’s pillow, and do not press too hard. Massage for 1-2 minutes each time until the patient sweats slightly.


From the Yintang acupoint between the two eyebrows to the front hairline, do a direct push method, the strength can be slightly larger, first click the Yintang acupoint until you feel pains. Starting from the arch of the two eyebrows, gradually push to the sides. until slight heat.

Dazhui, Geyu

Use your fingers to rub Dazhui and Feishu on both sides for 1-2 minutes at a time. Rub the first lateral line of the back bladder meridian with the small fish between the two hands, mainly from the part of Dazhui to Geyu, until the diathermy occurs.

Finally, I would like to remind readers that massage is a heavy and skilled activity. For beginners, you don’t have to worry about pressing the wrong point. As long as you follow our image shows to your will be find it. In addition, this will be a great test for your finger strength and durability, which is why we also recommend using a massager to replace heavy work. You can use our heart-shaped head massager to achieve the effect, because the shape of the head is similar to the fingers?

In fact, we also know that many American are still doubts Chinese medicine. Recently, I think you should see Li ziqi’s video on Youtube. Most of them thought it was incredible. Why a Chinese girl can be so powerful is almost omnipotent. I believe you has also seen that she has made many beautiful small objects by simple tools, and made many delicious foods too. In fact, this is exactly the charm of traditional Chinese culture. What I want to tell you is that we can not only knows how to make delicious food, but also knows how traditional Chinese medicine making your health. Simply imitate can treat small diseases, why not?

  • 3. Five Tips for Preventing Colds.
  • Drink More Yogurt

Take more probiotics in daily life, adjust the intestinal flora by drinking yogurt, cheese or similar.

It help transform and excrete toxic substances in the body and reduce inflammation.

However,It can also reduce the chance of upper respiratory infections, which is very helpful for preventing colds.

  • Vitamin C Supplement

Due to heavy work, many people takes too much fast food. It is high in salt and sugar usually, which

will greatly reduce your immunity.

We should eat more fruits rich in vitamin C,such as grapefruit, orange, apple, jujube and so on in winter.

In addition to fruits, you need to eat more vegetables such as spinach.

  • Keep Personal Hygiene

To prevent colds, personal hygiene is most important.

The nose is the “filter” for our body breathing, which can effectively filter the dust inhaled from outside.

Moreover,the virus can enter the body through the eyes, mouth, etc.That’s why we need wash your hands,cut your nails, clean your nose, and do not rub your eyes.

At last,clean and throw away garbage at home,it can reduce the accumulation of waste, and avoid the generation of bacteria.However,open the window to ventilate, and spread the indoor virus, especially the families with cold patients to avoid family infection.

  •   Sleep Well

Good sleep can ensure the normal development and repair of the human body.

This is most important to enhance the body’s immunity, resistance and rehabilitation capabilities.

People who sleep less than 7 hours are much more likely to catch a cold.So the sleep quality can also have a big impact on your chances of getting sick.

Getting a good night’s sleep is not only for preventing colds, but also for our own health.

  • Sports

Life exist in exercise!

We do not suggest heavy exercise in cold weather,even more activities of bones and muscles to enhance resistance.

Exercise is recommended for speed walking, about 30 minutes each time, and 5 times per week.

Which is good way to prevent colds, exercise your body.

  • End

Finally, we would like to talk about coronavirus, which has recently been looted in China. First of all, thank you for your concern. No one in our team is currently infected with this disease. Secondly, we pray that we can get through this difficult time soon, and the people of Wuhan come on! Thirdly, under the premise that there is no specific medicine for this disease, in fact, whether or not there is a specific medicine, we think that the prevention of the disease is far more important than the treatment, as the five tips we mentioned above. In daily life, the management of our company requires us to exercise for at least 1 hour a day, and they provide VIP card of gym for each of us in our office building and treats exercise as a daily work,the HR department will check the records per month. Thanks to the general manager of our company, Mr. Jack, who not only places strict demands on us in our work, but also often tells us that life lies in sports! Without a healthy body, work efficiency will not be high! At the same time, we also hope that all readers who see our article, whether you insist on exercising every day, or have not paid attention to these issues before, take 30 minutes to 1 hour every day from now on to exercise and enhance your own immunity. It will minimize the trouble of disease and be healthy every day!

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