General Questions

1How about your shipping date?
Forwarder By Amazon: It depend on FBA logistics for we selling on Amazon,it should be 3-5 days in general,the prime member should be 2 days at least. Forwarder By Us: It should be 15-20 days in general for it need shipping from China.
2Is the package discreet?
Yes,nobody knows what you bought from Amazon except you.
3How about your product quality?It will be quit charge,stop working or something else shortly?
Great question,i think nobody can guarantee 100% non-defective,but we are still working hard for our quality.Our non-defective rate is more than 98% till now,if you are 2% person,feeling free to contact us,we guarantee 100% money back in 30 days.
4Why are your price is higher than other seller?
Great question,but i still believe that the more good quality product,the more higher price.Of course this not an absolute,but the cost of higher quality product is more than bad one.
5What after-sales service can be provided?
30 days money back guarantee and 24/7 friendly private customer service.We are still on the way.


1How long of life time for one charging?
It should be 60-120 min per charging,different products has different life time,we will list them on our detail page.
2Is your product waterproof?
Yes,this is general performance in our products.If not, then we will specifically point out.
3Is your product quiet?How many dB about these?
Very,our engineers considering about this performance in developing process.Simply speaking is your friend in next room will not knowing what you doing here. Our product noise value is generally between 40 to 50 dB, 50 dB to top.
4Is your product safe?
Yes,we applied medical silicone and eco-friendly plastic part&components for products,and it passed ROHS,CE test before shippment.

Customer Services

1I can refund if i got any dissatisfied for your product and services?
Yes,we can provide 30 days no-risk money back guarantee,and we are highly appreciate if you can communicate with our customer services to find a solution after such a situation occurs,then we can got a chance for improve our products&services.
2Can your service be kept private?
Of course,we attach great importance to the privacy of our customers and spare much efforts to this.Once your case closed,all the message&e-mail will automatic delete in our system.
3Your customer service communication friendly? Whether it can solve the problem for me?
Customer first is our purpose,and we will not violate this principle.If anyone against our rules,please write to [email protected] to complain.
4Can you provide some additional advice on product usage or product selection?
Our pleasure,feeling free to write to our customer services team.If you are not satisfied with their advice, you can contact with our expert team directly.
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