Customer Reviews

Sampson - 5 Stars
My wife absolutely loves her full body massager. It’s equipped with multiple features, such as emitting several speeds vibrations. It’s made from a soft and easy to maintain, non-toxic silicone which also provides great grip and handling for those hard-to-reach areas. In the box, you’ll find instructions, a black velvet drawstring bag for convenient and discrete storage, as well as a USB charging cord. The charging cord plugs into the device magnetically by method of two charging prongs easily accessible on the backside of the device. Great purchase, highly functional and versatile to tackle any need. You’ll definitely feel very relaxed after using this product. Two thumbs up from the Mrs. If you found my review to be useful, please let me know by clicking the “Yes” or “Helpful” button. Thank you.
Randy Bottoms - 5 Stars
This full body massager features 7 powerful speeds and 3 gentle modes of operation. The silicone exterior is easy to clean and is non-toxic. Charge this with the included USB cable. This has a clever magnetic charging cord that adheres to the 2 metal contacts via magnets. The top and bottom massage functions are controlled independently . The top portion will be gently and good for facial exfoliation. The bottom portion of this device is very powerful and will highly stimulate her erogenous zones.
Daisy - 5 Stars
I love the 2 in 1 feature in this massager. Plus it’s waterproof, which is nice because it comes apart. Super easy to charge you can use any usb box charger. The wand definitely has power and 7 settings. For the facial part it has 3 settings. Overall for price in quality I was beyond impressed. I have paid more for not so great quality. Plus it comes with a travel case.

Customer Reviews

Amazon Customer - 5 Stars
My favorite feature is probably the fact it's heated, I'm surprised how much I liked that. It's also has a ton of settings for vibrate, for whatever your preference is. Although I was divided on which direction the intended use was, I really preferred the heated side as the vibrate was so strong on that side in a good way. Remote is really nice feature too, was far easier to change settings that way.
Amazon Customer - 2 Stars
While comfortable this is not suited for wearing, not even just extended use. The flexible slinder part is so flexible and the end small enough the desired use contractions will pull this thing all the way in. Unless you plan to ask the doctor to just charge it back up you need to pay attention to its position. Of course the power button is located in a position that requires you to remove it if you have a want to use the vibration options. It does power off relatively quickly so a break time means getting the joys of remivinging and touching the power button on the bullet and then resume your daily laundry chore. The remote requires close proximity to use, so no devilish partner playfulness. It is comfortable to use and the vibrations of good strength but a buz kill when you realize it is almost missing
Amazon Customer - 5 Stars
I give a 5 Star because at first i thought this product look cheap made. after using it i love it. it's will worth for the price.
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